About Us

Have you dreamed about having financial success and about freedom from worrying debt? GalaxyTrio can provide you with the means to succeed in life.

GalaxyTrio is in the business of providing you with educative eBooks on leadership, motivational and network marketing systems.

Our founders are successful businessmen and entrepreneurs who want to inspire others like you to achieve their life’s dream in becoming financially free, just as they did.

GalaxyTrio provides you with the opportunity to achieve success through a collection of real life experiences from the most successful businessmen in a range of industries. For a small investment and with just a little effort, people from all walks of life can have the ability to change their lives significantly.

We at GalaxyTrio welcome anyone who wishes to take their first steps in realizing their financial freedom quickly. By becoming part of the GalaxyTrio family, success and lucrative rewards can be readily achievable using our marketing system developed by Canadians in 1986.


Our Mission is to empower people to improve their lives; we aim to achieve this by inspiring them to pursue and fulfill their dreams of achieving financial freedom, through the sharing of real life experiences in collaboration with industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs.


Our Vision is to build a strong network of individuals who aspire to contribute to the success of GalaxyTrio. These individuals must be of the utmost quality, and possess a dedicated work ethic. In turn, they will be presented with the opportunity to achieve lucrative benefits, as set forth by GalaxyTrio.

Join Us today to become part of the successful GalaxyTrio family.

Fauziah Mansoor (Singapore) Cycled out twice in 2 days: It makes me more confident and trusting, committed and motivates me to work harder to achieve what I want.

Shahrul Affendy Samsudin (Malaysia) GalaxyTrio is definitely the best networking program ever. It suits all type of people from different background and is very achievable. Thus, to cycle out within a week is not a big surprise at all.

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Fahmi Fong Abdullah (Singapore) I like to thank my Introducer’s encouragement; I cycled 3 times in a week. I can do it, you can do it, and everybody can do it!